Since 1986
Specialists in
Gravure printing
for flexible packaging

We get closely involved to make sure our customers pack their products in an attractive, safe and sustainable way. We offer all our knowledge and experience to protect what we value the most, the product, the people and our environment.

Gravure printing
Quality, speed and excellent results.

Gravure printing achieves great graphic quality, reproducing images of the highest complexity, with very fine details, image gradients and vivid colour. It's a versatile printing technique, applicable on most flexible films or substrates. It’s the technology that best maintains uniformity over time, both in the same print run and in subsequent print runs of the same design.

Our values

A family owned business, passionate about
the product and service, counting with
professionals that strive for excellence.

  • 01.


    Service. Because time is golden, we stand out
    for our short deadlines and agility. Our processes
    are focused on efficiency increase and continuous

  • 02.


    Quality. We know our industry and profession.
    We have the most advanced technology and a
    team of professionals who believe in hard work
    and dedication to always achieve the best results.

  • 03.


    Implication and Commitment. Conscious of our
    economic, social and environmental responsibility,
    we take actions that contribute to improve the
    environment and our society.

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    Personal approach

    Behind every screen there's a person, and behind
    every great company there are great people, that's
    why we like to build trust and close relationships
    with our customers and partners.

  • 05.


    Based on the premise that “the best waste is that
    which is not generated“ and knowing the important
    role that packaging plays in today's world, we take
    all measures in our hands to reduce our environmental

  • Custom tailored service
    and advice

    • Flexibility and speed of delivery
    • Very competitive tooling and set-up costs
    • High print quality and durability
  • We print on a wide range of flexible supports, such as Paper, PET, OPP, OPA, PE, Aluminum, etc. We laminate without solvents to create structures of up to 4 layers, selecting the most suitable materials, taking into account the application, packaging system, thermal/ barrier properties and the desired effects and finishes.

    We use materials, films, inks and adhesives, suitable for food contact, supplied by leading suppliers in the market.

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