Integration of the whole
production process

The best way to guarantee quality is to have each and every step under control.

IFLEX quality is guaranteed by a complete mastery of all processes, but above all it guaranteed by its people. A family owned business, passionate about the product and service, counting with professionals that strive for excellence.

Certified Quality: In each production phase, the corresponding quality controls are carried out to ensure product conformity.

  • 01. Design study and prepress

    Our Prepress department, equipped with the latest graphic design technologies, and with highly experienced professionals, will optimize the flexible packaging artwork to be rendered accurately and optimally during the gravure printing process.

    We send the final artwork and high-resolution inkjet digital proofs in a very short time to validate the design for later printing, always in close collaboration with the Marketing department or the graphic design agencies of your clients.

  • 02. Internal cylinder engraving and testing machine

    IFLEX has its own facilities for cylinder engraving, with a capacity greater than 50 cylinders/ day, allowing us great flexibility and short leadtimes for both, new designs and modifications.

    For the evaluation and final control of the engraved design, our test printing machine allows us to anticipate the final result of the printing and carry out any modification if necessary. If desired, we can send the test proof to the customer for its final conformity.

  • 03. Printing

    Our 4 state-of-the-art rotogravure machines allow us an excellent print register and great speed, both in printing, and in changing the cylinder or color.

    One of these printing presses is dedicated exclusively to the printing of aluminum blisters, in a room with controlled air, which meets the requirements of ISO8.

    We print up to 8 colors, including lacquers or varnishes, on any flexible film, with expert personnel whose average experience exceeds 20 years and with an integrated ink mixing and color quality control system (IQC, Ink Quality Control).

  • 04. Laminating

    The laminating process allows the bonding of different films through an adhesive. The multi-foil structures are engineered with the aim of combining the best properties of each film (weldability, barrier, etc.), in order to obtain a complex film adapted to the needs of each customer, taking into account the product to be packaged, packaging machine to be used and the required functionalities (aesthetics, product life, etc.)

    With our 3 latest generation laminators, we always bond without solvents, to achieve, among other advantages: environmental impact reduction of solvent evaporation, a high lamination speed, optimization of the adhesive deposit, avoidance of solvent residue on the reel, etc.

  • 05. Slitting & Winding

    In the cutting process, with our 4 high speed slitting machines, the rolls coming from the printing or laminating process are cut to the width and external diameter specified. They are further revised, conditioned and labeled for shipment, according to the requirements of each customer.

    During this process the conformity of the print is visually inspected again to meet customer's specifications.

  • 06. Sheeting and Folding machines

    We have an automatic folding machine to fold the film in a shrink sleeve format if delivered in a reel, and a sheeter to deliver the sleeves in units.

    When the final product is a preformed bag or pouch, the pouch converting process is outsourced to companies specialized in this process, and a final quality control is carried out at IFLEX before it is sent to the customer.

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