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We hope you have enjoyed a good and healthy holiday! As we mentioned in July, we come back with some news to share with you.
This 2021 is a year of many changes in the packaging sector, and some have accelerated with the pandemic!

On the one hand, the steps of the Member States to achieve the ambitious recycling objectives established by the European Union for a low-waste and circular economy are accelerating.

Each country must make significant efforts to achieve these waste recycling quotas:


In Spain specifically, the new Law on Waste and Contaminated Soils is expected to come into force in the first quarter of 2022, which includes the creation of two 'green' taxes: one indirect on single-use plastic packaging, and another direct to landfill deposits. For the first, also called "plastic packaging tax", the tax base will be made up of the amount of non-recycled plastic present in the container, which will be taxed at €0.45/Kg.

With these changes on the horizon, and with our involvement and in favor of sustainability, at IFLEX we have developed new, more sustainable and recyclable complexes, including:

• Films with monomaterial structure, easier to recycle, in PET, PE or OPP.
• Paper films, with barrier and recyclable.
• Films with recycled plastic content.
• Recyclable films or “ready to recycle”.
• Compostable films.

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